Hume Central Secondary College Alumni

Calling on all past students

Hume Central Secondary College is launching its Alumni Network and is looking for former students (alumni) volunteers to become members of the Alumni Network and the Alumni Network Committee.

The Alumni Network will aim to support current and future generations of students as positive role-models, inspiring speakers, mentors and work experience providers. Drawing from the success of our Alumni Mentoring Program, hearing from alumni can transform students’ motivation to succeed and inspire them to work harder and become more confident in overcoming personal obstacles.

The Alumni Network will also provide an opportunity for our former students to keep in touch with their school community and build a stronger sense of belonging. We envisage that this will become part of the growing story of our school culture and future and that the stories of our many alumni will help write the history of our College.

The Alumni Network Committee will collaborate with the College Leadership and support College events such as:

  • The Alumni Mentoring Program
  • The production of College Yearbooks
  • College Assemblies and Graduation Nights
  • College Staff Meetings

To join our alumni community and get involved, please email us with your contact details and a brief biographical statement.