Seal Program

SEAL PROGRAM (Select Entry Accelerated Learning)

The SEAL program is a select entry program that groups together students with high intellectual potential. SEAL students at Hume Central Secondary College have the option of progressing through their secondary education in either five or six years through participation in learning experiences that are more tailored to the needs of talented, high-ability learners. Course content is compacted so that a typical Year 7-10 program can be covered more quickly than normal without omitting anything.

There is greater emphasis on higher order thinking, problem solving and learning skills, independent learning and research. Enrichment is provided by broadening content, understanding, experience and skills to a level appropriate to the students stages of development. Extension leads to in-depth study and the integration and application of knowledge at a deeper level. SEAL students remain together as a group for all of their subjects in the first three years of secondary school (Years 7, 8 and 9) as well as for most of their studies in Year 10.

Student eligibility

The SEAL program is not for all students. It is both demanding and rewarding. It provides students with challenge and enrichment within a motivated and academic peer group and entails a greater workload and depth of learning in the early years of secondary schooling. The SEAL program is suited to students who:

  • Have a strong and positive self-concept
  • Have high levels of creativity
  • Have a high level of maturity and commitment
  • Are motivated and capable of independent learning

Students can apply to be included in the selection process by completing the relevant form (see link below) and submitting this, along with their Grade 5 NAPLAN results and Grade 6 Semester 1 school report by Week 2, Term 3 of Year 6 school year. Successful candidates will be notified at the beginning of Year 7 school year 2021 after process is complete.

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