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Our College vision is to develop and encourage in our students a love of lifelong learning while equipping them with the skills, qualifications and personal attributes they need for a purposeful and fulfilling life beyond school.
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  • Learning Support
  • Extension Programs
  • Accelerated Studies Program (ASP)
  • Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL)
  • Pastoral Care
  • Wellbeing and Culture
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Our Curriculum is designed around the stages of learning which acknowledges previous learning and builds on it

Years 7, 8 and 9; Starting out – building the foundations for success in the Senior years

Year 10; Making choices – starting to specialise

Year 11 and 12; Career pathways, skills and interests

The College Curriculum engages young people in learning and challenges them. Our Curriculum is carefully mapped to ensure that students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understandings in each discipline required for VCE and VCAL success. All Curriculum is planned to meet National Curriculum rquuirements and is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it meets the needs of all students. The syllabus focuses heavily on Literacy and Numeracy and uses student data to plan learning programs that meet the learning needs and abilities of a range of students.

Teaching teams within each Learning Community are responsible for the learning of all students and monitor their progress regularly to ensure they are achieving the required standards. Teachers adapt the learning programs to help students requiring extra support or needing to be academically extended.

Learning Support
To help our students perform to the best of their ability we offer a range of support – more able students are offered extension classes to further challenge and expand their thinking while students experiencing learning difficulties are supported with specialized tuition.

Extension Programs
Our Curriculum includes a range of activities and programs that are designed to broaden our students’ minds by letting them experience life beyond the classroom. The extension program includes offering Year 10 and Year 11 students VET and VCE units ahead of their year level.

Accelerated Studies Program (ASP)
The major benefit of this program is that it enables students in Year 10 to complete one Year 11 VCE subject (a Unit 1 and 2 ‘Sequence’) whilst they are in Year 10.  Students wishing to apply for the ASP must demonstrate that they:

  • Are above standard in reading
  • Are at or above standard in writing
  • Are at or above standard in numeracy
  • Are in the top 20% of the cohort in overall CAT average score in Year 9
  • Have achieved an average CAT score of 80% or above within the learning area in which student wishes to accelerate
  • Have maintained 90% attendance or above in Year 9
  • Achieved ‘Excellent’ for all ‘Work Habits’ in Year 9 Semester Reports.

The ASP provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a program that caters for students who demonstrate learning beyond the expected standard and have high academic aspirations
  • Complete a sixth Unit 3 and 4 study in their program which will be included in the calculation of the ATAR at the completion of VCE
  • Broaden their VCE program of studies
  • Ease a student’s transition into Unit 3 and 4 assessment procedures by completing coursework and examinations in Year 11 to prepare for their full Unit 3 and 4 program the following year
  • Seek the academic challenges associated with Unit 3 and 4 level study and thus increase motivation

All applications are considered by a College panel.

Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL)
Hume Central Secondary College is very excited to announce that from the commencement of 2015, we will be offering a SELECT ENTRY ACCELERATED LEARNING (SEAL) program to a select group of suitable incoming Year 7 students. This program builds upon and extends our existing ACE (Academic Challenge and Excellence) program, which has been successfully running for the last three years.

What is the SEAL program?
The SEAL program is a select entry program that groups together students with high intellectual potential. SEAL students at Hume Central Secondary College will have the option of progressing through their secondary education in either five or six years through participation in learning experiences that are more tailored to the needs of talented, high-ability learners. Course content is compacted so that a typical Year 7-10 program can be covered more quickly than normal without omitting anything. There is greater emphasis on higher order thinking, problem solving and learning skills, independent learning and research. Enrichment is provided by broadening content, understanding, experience and skills to a level appropriate to the students’ stages of development. Extension leads to in-depth study and the integration and application of knowledge at a deeper level.

The selection process for the SEAL program is designed to identify students for whom this type of program is appropriate. The selection process involves formal testing in the areas of:

  • Mathematics
  • Reading and language
  • Writing

Pastoral Care The safety and wellbeing of every boy and girl at Hume Central Secondary College is paramount. Along with our teachers, we have a highly specialised student services team at each Campus which comprises a Student Welfare Coordinator, Youth Worker, part-time health professional and a child psychologist.

Wellbeing and Culture Students will learn and grow in an environment of mutual respect, acceptance, aspiration and hard work. To ensure students are well-rounded, equal consideration is also given to their physical, emotional and psychological growth and wellbeing. The school offers mentoring, student leadership groups and sport.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) All of our new facilities are equipped with the latest ICT. This supports learning and prepares students for the ever-changing world by making them confident, creative and fluent users of technology.

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