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Our College vision is to develop and encourage in our students a love of lifelong learning while equipping them with the skills, qualifications and personal attributes they need for a purposeful and fulfilling life beyond school.
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We understand that selecting a Secondary School is a big decision. It is important that young people and their parents feel comfortable with the school and the choices it offers.

General information

Hume Central Secondary College welcomes students at all year levels of secondary school who wish to enrol.

Information sessions
Every campus holds an information session for prospective students and their parents towards the end of Term 1 start and/or the beginning of Term 2. These sessions are an opportunity to take a look at our facilities, to find out more about our learning programs and a chance to get to meet our staff. Please go to the calendar to find out when the next information session is being held.


To enrol please call your desired Campus to arrange an interview with the Campus Principal.

Town Park Senior Campus (Years 10-12) 03 9066 3600

Blair Street Campus (Years 7-9) 03 9302 6000

Dimboola Road Campus (Years 7-9) 03 9099 1000


Tours of the college and its facilities are conducted as part of the information sessions. Should you wish to tour the college at another time, please contact the office staff of the campus you would like to view on:

Town Park Senior campus (Years 10-12) 03 9309 6855

Blair Street campus (Years 7-9) 03 9309 1988

Dimboola Road campus (Years 7-9) 03 9309 1155

Orientation activities

At the end of year, usually in late November or early December, an orientation day is held for all children enrolled to begin Year 7 in the following year. The day is designed to help children become familiar with the surroundings of their new school facilities and to give them a taste for secondary school life.

On the day, students are introduced to their home room teacher and get the chance to meet others in their home room group. The home room teacher stays the same throughout the year and is there to provide support, guidance and a friendly ear on any issues a student may be having.

Students also commence a project during their orientation day which they will complete once they commence in Year 7 the following year.

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