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Our College vision is to develop and encourage in our students a love of lifelong learning while equipping them with the skills, qualifications and personal attributes they need for a purposeful and fulfilling life beyond school.
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Teacher and learning practice

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  Learning communities
  Achievement Improvement Zones (AIZ)

Along with new buildings and top notch facilities, we have developed a new curriculum to ensure children are engaged and excited by learning. We build on their previous learning through a targeted curriculum and aim to help them stay on to successfully complete Year 12.

Our dedicated teachers and support staff work hard to nurture students to reach their potential. At Hume Central we believe strong teacher and student relationships are critical to students achieving all they can. To build the relationships, teachers and students study within Learning Communities where they work together closely on projects and programs and staff get to know the students well.

Learning communities Our new facilities are shaped by the way we teach and have been specifically designed to combine best practice teaching and learning with the most up-to-date building designs. The new building designs create flexible learning spaces that enable us to operate as learning communities. All year levels are broken down into learning communities with approximately fifty students with two to three teachers in each community.

Each learning community is managed by a team leader with the support of a core teaching team that is responsible for the learning within each community. The team leader uses student data to make decisions about how best to group students to maximise each student’s learning and what teaching strategies to use.
For example:

Teachers get to know each student in their learning community and spend time monitoring their progress against very clear pre-determined standards. Depending on the level the student is achieving, the teacher then decides how best to support the student to take next steps to reach the next level or how to intervene if the student is not reaching the desired level. Learning spaces and activities are flexible within learning communities and can be adjusted to best meet student needs.

The spaces inside each learning community can be adapted to create large or small spaces so that learning can occur in big groups or so students can work alone. This flexibility enables teachers to collaborate with each other and be innovative in their practices. It also supports more personalised learning for students.

eLearning We have a strong emphasis on technology and preparing students to be successful learners both at school and into the future. Our range of programs and activities aims to develop the skills of students and to support 21st century learning, communication and collaboration.

Netbooks All students in Years 7-9 work one on one with netbook computers in the classroom. So that students can continue their learning outside of school hours, all netbooks can be taken home with students.
Students receive these small laptop computers when they commence Year 7. Each netbook is heavily subsidised by the school so parents are only required to make a small annual contribution towards the cost of the netbook.
When students finish in Year 9 they are able to keep the netbook.

Achievement Improvement Zones (AIZ) AIZ is a three-year initiative of the Northern Metropolitan Region and aims to improve the literacy and numeracy achievement levels in our school by a minimum of 15 per cent.

Along with improving literacy and numeracy, a large component of the AIZ program is focussed on behaviour management. At Hume Central we have worked hard and used the program to develop a culture where students are responsible for their own behaviour and one where teachers are consistent in the way they manage behaviour. For more information go to www.aiz.vic.edu.au

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