Dear Parents / Carers,

I hope that you have all been able to remain safe and well during this school holiday period. The COVID pandemic is certainly presenting many challenges for the residents of Hume. Please rest assured that we are here to support our families in every way that we can.

Timeline for students to return to onsite learning
As announced last week, the government has provided a timeline providing details regarding when each year level will return to onsite learning in term 4. We are adapting this information to create a campus based overview with clear details regarding the learning mode for each year level in each week. This document will be shared by Campus Principals via Compass next week. A summary of the information is provided below.

From Wednesday 6 October (week 1 of Term 4)

  • Year 12 – Victorian Certificate of Education¬†(VCE) units 3 and 4 and final year Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) – Monday to Friday

From Tuesday 26 October (week 4 of Term 4)

  • Year 7 (Monday to Friday)
  • Years 8 and 9 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Year 10 (Thursday and Friday)
  • Year 11 (Monday to Friday)

From Friday 5 November (week 5)
All students are expected to return to onsite learning Monday to Friday

As a result of this staggered return, the Flexible Friday schedule will not apply at Town Park during term 4. It will remain in place at Blair St and Dimboola Road Campuses in weeks 1-3. From week 4 all campuses will return to our normal schedule with period 1 commencing at 8.45am and period 4 concluding at 2.45pm.

I encourage all who are eligible to get vaccinated. Our College has been selected as a hub for vaccinations to occur on a day that is yet to scheduled early next term. More information should be available to share early next week. An online community information session with a local doctor will also be organised to support this event where you will be able to ask any questions that you may have regarding vaccinations. I have attached information that explains many of the main issues relating to the COVID-19 virus using audio files in multiple languages.

Air Filters / Monitoring
The College is one of 100 Victorian schools to have been selected for the installation of CO2 monitors. This installation should be completed on all three of our campuses by early next week. We also expect to receive a significant volume of HEPA air filters by the end of week 3. Additional units have been purchased for use at Town Park over the first 3 weeks of the term.

Onsite Support for Students
Vulnerable children and children of people on the authorised provider and authorised worker list are able to continue attending onsite. Please use the link below to make a request for your child to be able to attend onsite. Only students who meet the specific criteria will be approved for onsite support. Families will receive a confirmation via text message to confirm that their child has been approved to attend onsite.
Remote and flexible learning will continue to be delivered to students on the days they are not attending onsite.
Please contact the College next week if you have questions about any of the above information.

Take care,

Jeff Mulcahy
College Principal