Hume Central Secondary College Alumni

Mary Shamoon

In 2019, Mary Shamoon graduated from Hume Central Secondary College with an ATAR of 97.65. After receiving College Dux from Hume Central Secondary College in 2019, Mary pursued a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at La Trobe University. Her passion for English and Literature led her to pursue teaching. In university, she is a member of her campus book club and majors in both English and Humanities. Mary is currently an English Tutor at Hume Central Secondary College whilst also working at her family business. As a recent VCE graduate, Mary has helped current students build the confidence needed to successfully complete their studies through providing study and exam revision advice at the school’s Alumni Mentoring Program. Through this program, she wishes to maintain connections with her school community, act as a positive role-model and cultivate motivation amongst current and prospective VCE students.

Iswa Chaudhry

Iswa Chaudhry joined Hume Central Secondary College in 2011 after arriving to Australia as a recent migrant from Pakistan. She graduated in 2015 and began her Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) at RMIT in 2016. She then completed Honours in Psychological Science at The University of Melbourne and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Clinical and Forensic Psychology at Swinburne University; she was a recipient of two scholarships at both these universities. Iswa’s research focuses on family violence in culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Australia.

Throughout her education journey, Iswa maintained a role in the PSD program at Hume Central Secondary College. As part of her current doctoral degree, Iswa has also completed her placements across a range of clinical and forensic settings, including a Psychology Clinic, Forensicare, and Headspace. She has recently accepted a role as a Forensic clinician at a private psychology organisation. She endeavours to work as a psychologist (clinical and forensic), a researcher, an academic, a policy advisor and an advocate.

Bree Baddawi

Bree Baddawi graduated from Hume Central Secondary College in 2018 with an ATAR of 85.20, achieving study scores of 43 in English and 41 in Media. Following her passion for multifaceted design, Bree pursued a Bachelor of Design at The University of Melbourne, graduating in 2022 with a double major in Graphic Design and Performance Design. Since 2019, Bree has operated her own graphic design business with specialisations in branding and social media, and is an English tutor at Hume Central Secondary College’s Town Park Senior Campus. A member of the Alumni Mentoring Program since 2021, Bree has aided Year 12 students in building their confidence and revision skills to successfully prepare the young people of the Hume Central Secondary college community for exams and future endeavours.

Join our Alumni Network Commitee

Hume Central Secondary College is launching its Alumni Network and is looking for former students (alumni) volunteers to become members of the Alumni Network and the Alumni Network Committee.

The Alumni Network will aim to support current and future generations of students as positive role-models, inspiring speakers, mentors and work experience providers. Drawing from the success of our Alumni Mentoring Program, hearing from alumni can transform students’ motivation to succeed and inspire them to work harder and become more confident in overcoming personal obstacles.

The Alumni Network will also provide an opportunity for our former students to keep in touch with their school community and build a stronger sense of belonging. We envisage that this will become part of the growing story of our school culture and future and that the stories of our many alumni will help write the history of our College.

The Alumni Network Committee will collaborate with the College Leadership and support College events such as:

  • The Alumni Mentoring Program
  • The production of College Yearbooks
  • College Assemblies and Graduation Nights
  • College Staff Meetings

To join our alumni community and get involved, please email us with your contact details and a brief biographical statement.