Student Wellbeing

Hume Central Secondary College has adopted School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) as our framework for teaching and managing student behaviour. In 2014, representatives from across our College community including parents, students, teachers and leaders came together to define the positive behaviours which we want all members of our community to demonstrate at all times. After lengthy consultation, it was agreed that these behaviors are as follows:

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As a College, we work to define and explain what each of these behaviours looks like in different settings in and beyond school. This is shown in our “Matrix of Positive Behaviour Expectations”.

These behaviours are explicitly taught to all students throughout the year, and all school staff acknowledge and reward students who consistently demonstrate these expected behaviours.

To support all students in demonstrating our expected behaviours, Hume Central Secondary College has a number of other policies, including:

  • Student Learning Behaviour Policy
  • Child Safety Standards Policy
  • Attendance Policy
  • Time Counts policy
  • Healthy Relationships Policy
  • Out of Class/School Grounds Policy
  • Satisfactory Completion Policy
  • Smoke and Drug-Free College Policy
  • Suspension and Expulsion Guidelines


Attending school is vital. It enables students to reach their full educational potential and to actively participate and engage in learning.

At Hume Central Secondary College we have high expectations regarding full time attendance. All students are required to attend no less than 90% of the College program without a medical certificate. Students who fail to meet this requirement may risk their chances of successfully completing their year of study.

Student Learning Behaviour Policy

Respectful relationships are intrinsic to a positive and engaging school environment. Every member of our College is responsible for creating and promoting a positive and safe learning environment.

The purpose of the Student Learning Behaviour Policy (SLBP) is to:

  • establish a cooperative, supportive and safe environment where effective teaching and learning occurs
  • define appropriate behaviour that will lead to effective teaching and learning
  • establish processes that focus on prevention and early intervention to create a positive school culture

We recognise the values that underpin the Student Learning Behaviour Policy:

  • the right to learn and the responsibility to allow others to learn
  • the right to feel safe and comfortable and the responsibility to allow others to feel comfortable and safe
    source: Lewis, R. The Developmental Management Approach to Classroom Behaviour ACER 2008

As a learner at our school, you can expect to:

  • enjoy a safe and supportive learning environment
  • be treated respectfully
  • be informed about work requirements and assessment dates in writing
  • supported to establish learning goals
  • be given timely and appropriate feedback about your progress
  • be informed about expectations in writing and verbally
  • have staff speak with you in a calm and appropriate way when you are not meeting expectations
  • use mobile telephones/devices during breaks only
  • learn in well maintained buildings and grounds

As a learner at our school, you have a responsibility to:

  • attend all classes daily and be punctual
  • wear school uniform
  • respect all others and their views
  • follow all reasonable instructions given by staff
  • be prepared for class
  • meet all course requirements
  • submit your own work for assessment
  • be safe at and when travelling to and from school
  • remain at school for the school day in specified areas unless otherwise authorised
  • use communication technologies and the school network appropriately, have mobiles telephones/devices out of sight, switched off /silent in classes
  • be free from the influence of alcohol and other drugs
  • respect all property