One to One Personal Learning Device Program

Personal Learning Devices (PLD – this includes Netbooks, Laptops, Computers) have changed how and when our students learn. PLDs are now an essential learning tool. Our students have access to educational software programs which are loaded onto each PLD. The types of activities that have become possible for our students include:

It is part of the College eLearning Program using the internet for research

Creating animation, movies and 3D designs

Recording and editing photographs, sound and video

Creating media-rich presentations

Collaborating online with students and teachers locally, interstate and overseas

It is part of the College eLearning Program to enrich opportunities for learning with access to PLDs that can be used during and outside of school.

Wireless internet access is available at all Campuses and PLDs can also be used at home, with or without internet access.

It is required that all families participate in the PLD Program 7-12. This ensures consistency in the classroom, and promotes shared learning. Once the PLD Agreement is signed and payment for the device is made, each student will receive a wireless-enabled PLD Computer for their learning. We have a dedicated ICT (Information Communications Technology) team of technicians that support this program.