Career Education Future Pathways Planning

Hume Central Secondary College assists students in Years 7-12 to develop a carefully tailored career pathway plan. This plan allows students to explore potential careers, seek support and obtain advice with regard to making decisions about their post school education and training options. Our students develop skills in the area of setting goals, developing clear and achievable career directions and experiencing the real world of work.

Year 7 and 8 students complete a Career Action Plan which encourages the exploration and identification of personal qualities, individual strengths and personal values that forms the basis of self knowledge and good career exploration.

In Year 9 students complete the Morrisby Profile which provides them with a comprehensive report covering their aptitudes, interests, personality, work preferences and suggested occupations.  

Work Experience Program

At Year 10 students undertake two weeks of work experience each year. Extensive career planning and preparation precedes the Work Experience program and is delivered through the Mentoring program.

VCE Course Planning, Careers and Tertiary Entrance Advice

Our experienced Careers leaders and Senior Years team provide ongoing advice and support to students in VCE related to appropriate course planning and careers and tertiary entry pathways. A range of workshops, parent information meetings and course selection days are offered with individual student counselling sessions.

You can visit the HCSC Careers website at the following address