Dear parents and carers,
The Victorian Government has announced changes to the COVID-19 isolation requirements.

This means that from 11.59pm on Wednesday 12 October, the mandatory orders around isolation for people with COVID-19 have ended and instead we move to health advice and recommendations for people with COVID-19 or COVID-19-like symptoms.
It is now strongly recommended that students and school staff:

  • who test positive to COVID-19 stay home and isolate for 5 days and do not attend school after 5 days if they are still symptomatic
  • who are symptomatic but have not tested positive not attend school. This does not include students with pre-existing conditions such as hay fever.

Where students become symptomatic at school they should be collected by parents/carers and undergo testing for COVID-19.
Parents and carers are recommended to continue to report their child having COVID-19 to both the school and the Department of Health.
We ask parents and carers to continue to remain vigilant in preventing COVID-19 transmission. Any student who is unwell should continue to remain at home. This is about keeping students healthy and well in our school and reducing the spread of both COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases.

Free rapid antigen tests are available at the school for those who need them. Students who wish to wear a mask should continue to do so.

To keep our school as safe as possible, we will also continue to use air purifiers and other COVID-19 prevention measures.
Thanks for your continued efforts to keep our school community safe and well.


Jeff Mulcahy