SmArts – RMIT University Final Day

Dear parents, guardians, students, and staff,

The SmArts Program of 2023 has concluded with much success for all. The Smith Family’s SmArts Enrichment program supported Dimboola Rd and Blair St 7-9 students’ engagement with school by increasing their creative skills, self-confidence, and knowledge of post school options.

Using sustainability as our theme, RMIT lecture (Grace) took our students to an artistic journey by applying different methods such as photography, Photoshop and freehand drawing to create works of art about our environment.  With stage one now completed, our artworks will be a joint a combined effort with two other schools to create the words WHAT IF.

The open exhibition will be completed by December 1st. and displayed Building 14, RMIT near Latrobe Street for all to see!!

I would like to thank our family members who attended our last day and our students. Well done to all!!!

-~Mr Bottino