Year 12 Sociology Excursion

On Valentine’s day, the year 12 sociology class went and explored the Melbourne Museum, The Koorie Heritage Trust, and the National Gallery of Victoria, as part of our unit on Australian Indigenous Cultures. In the Melbourne museum, we explored life in Victoria, from the natural environment to our culture and history. It displayed many different stories, artifacts, and images that helped everyone to gain a better understanding of Indigenous culture. We learned about the cultures and diversity of first peoples across Australia. We were given a booklet used to record information about the stories we heard and items we saw during the tour, which was then followed by a fascinating visit to the Milari garden trail where we had spotted blue tongue lizards, fish and other sea animals. We got hungry so we stopped to have lunch at Melbourne central, after 40 minutes we went to embark onto the next exhibit. We went on to explore the Koorie Heritage trust, which had included many exhibitions including the 11th Koorie art show where on display were a variety of artworks that won awards for its creativity and cultural relevance. Our favourite was the Goanna outback by Daniel Hills, a large goanna (lizard) made beautifully out of basket weaves. The last visit was to the National Victoria Art Gallery, the home to several amazing visual artworks. The NGV is one of the most iconic cultural landmarks in Melbourne, and serves as a center of visual art, education and culture. The gallery gave us a screening of an art piece about dolphins which was very interesting. Unfortunately, the end of the excursion arrived, and it was time to head home. Overall, we really enjoyed the exhibitions and the art pieces, and can all agree that it was a wonderful experience immersing ourselves into Indigenous culture through its art and landscape.

-Laga & Rahmo