On 27th of May, some students from our College represented our Campus by Graduating from the Toastmasters Leadership and Public Speaking course. It was an incredible night with all of our students’ families, teachers and our students.

Toastmaster’s leadership and public speaking course is all about building confidence in yourself and talking in front of people.

Students learnt from this program lots of things, such as having an opportunity to prepare a speech about any topic that they like. The challenge was to reach 3 to 4 mins while they were presenting their speech. Students also learnt how to evaluate the person that is presenting a speech.

Students that came to the program were not confident, but during the course students started to build confidence and the teachers started to notice the change while the students were giving their speeches.

Students really recommend this leadership program to other students. It’s also a really enjoyable program where students share beautiful and funny memories.

We look forward to see our students next year involved in this program and making us proud.

Jessica PTQ – Year 9