On Monday 8th of August Bully Zero attended our Dimboola Road Campus to deliver their Anti Bullying Program to all Year 7 – 9 students. There aim is to create a world free from bullying by delivering their programs to schools and workplaces all across Australia, raising awareness and interventions to support with stopping bullies, support strategies for those being bullied and raising awareness of the impacts this has on bully victims.

When gaining student feedback on this experience it has been described as:

My experience with ‘Bully Zero’ was enlightening ,through this program I was able to learn how to cope with bullying and  better yet how to prevent it from happening. Over the course of our schooling we often find ourselves in difficult situations that sometimes feel overbearing speaking from personal experiences. Organisations such as Bully Zero are extremely important as they provide youth with the opportunity to build character while dealing with the difficulties of playground dynamics. This is a great chance for individuals such as myself to build qualities such as helping people be more self-aware and resistant.

Thank you to Bully Zero for providing a very knowledgeable, well enjoyed program.