Our Dimboola Rd Campus mosaics are now completed!! Our Year 8 students are all very excited their panels will be connected during 2023 into a mosaic wall. They have created mosaic panels for our school and community to enjoy for many years to come.
Students applied our SWPBS as inspiration to create (and remind us) positive approach to learning and behavior such as “Be Kind”, “Peace” and “One Step At A Time”.
All year 8 classes took part in this mammoth task. Noting, each 21 panels are 900mm x 600mm in size. Each student had an important role within their group such as supervisor and cutter to ensure the mosaic panels were completed within the term at an excellent standard. Students worked diligently with artist Kyra Smith in groups of four during Term 2 (8A & 8B) and Term 4 (8C, D & E). With a special note, Tony of 8B and Abdelrahman of 8D completed their panels all on their own!
I would like to personally thank Erneste Tile Concept Fawkner for their donations for all our tiles, artist Kyra Smith, Principal Class, all staff and Year 8 students for their enthusiasm, commitment and hard work.
I look forward writing in 2023 about our mosaic-wall placed onto our school wall.
Mr. Bottino