On Tuesday, the entire Year 11 cohort took part in the Fit 2 Drive program. This incursion provided a unique opportunity to examine the complexities of decision-making and risk assessment as a young road user. Guided by a team of facilitators, students worked in both large and small group activities, assessing what practical tools and strategies are needed to effectively keep themselves and their mates safe on the roads. At each stage, students discussed and shared with each other their thinking about different road safety issues. Local Victoria Police and Fire Rescue Victoria officers presented to the students and discussed the non-negotiable facts surrounding road laws and a relevant real-life case study.

The fit 2 Drive program today was amazing and I just wanted to thank the ones who came and had the opportunity to talk to the year 11s, it was very knowledgeable and I learned a lot of different things from the police, fire brigade, and all the lovely people from the Fit To Drive Foundation group. during this program, I learned how to be safer on the road while driving, I also learned the safety and the pros and cons of driving. Ibrahim Dib, 11G


The Fit 2 Drive program was very beneficial since it taught students the value of responsible driving, including how to always obey the law to prevent any accidents that will cause injuries for them as well as other people. Maryam Albert, 11E


My gratitude to you for all you have done, which I learned a lot from. I truly appreciate the time spent helping us students to be good road users and pointing out on this important topic. We enjoyed everything about the lecture including the police presentations, engaging activities and the respectful people who spend this day with our school. Thank you Fit 2 Drive for all your time spent presenting this program. Fadi Hamoodah, 11H