Year 10 High Ability Students Quantum Victoria Excursion

On Thursday 30th May 17 year 10 high ability students travelled to Quantum Victoria at Latrobe University for an enrichment excursion to provide high ability students with an opportunity develop their teamwork and problem solving skills to solve a real world problem, a pending viral pandemic. The students should be proud of how well they represented the college, staff at Quantum were impressed that all of the student teams worked well together and reached the last puzzle.

Hussain Salman 10C

We boarded the bus to Latrobe’s gates, With excitement in our hearts, embracing our fates. Exploring the campus, its buildings tall, We delved into knowledge, one and all.

Three adventures awaited, each one unique, In activities that would make our minds peak. First, a computer zombie apocalypse fight, Strategies and teamwork brought to light.

Next, genetics and biology’s deep lore, Discovering secrets, and so much more. Understanding life from the smallest genes, In labs and lectures, through various means.

Lastly, a cube game with puzzles to solve, With every twist and turn, our minds would evolve. Logic and wit were put to the test, In the end, feeling accomplished and blessed.

I cherished each moment, every new sight, Grateful for the journey, the day felt right. Latrobe’s embrace, a memory so bright, A day of learning, filled with pure delight.

Ashorina Sawa 10B

17 year 10 high ability students were selected to attend the Viral Enigma program, a program where we worked in teams and developed skills that will help us in the future. We found out how effective a new virus would be and worked out puzzles to find a cure for this Q-virus. My favourite part was the puzzle cube where we had to run to different points and solve puzzles in teams in order to find out more about the virus. In the end, we found a cure for the virus and were congratulated as student lab scientists. It was a really fun experience and to do it again for the first time would be amazing.

Alman Ahmad 10D

Quantum Victoria was fun it was like a 9A reunion saving the world from a zombie apocalypse then finding genetic codes to counter the Q virus. My friends and I were saving the world one step at a time.