Year 12 English – Toni Jordan Author Visit

During Toni Jordan’s visit to Hume Central on Tuesday 7th February, the year 12 English cohort was presented with an opportunity to gain insight into the story behind one of the set texts ‘Nine Days’. Students were treated to a one hour presentation which consisted of explanation of the creative process, setting, symbols and messages within the story, as well as some context around what led to the creation of the novel and the characters. After the presentation, students were given the opportunity to ask Toni Jordan questions about the text and get our own novels signed by the author. This visit provided students with useful suggestions of how to improve our creative writing based on the novel ‘Nine Days’, as well giving us the confidence to seek out new methods of study.

Nine Days is a novel set in Richmond. It was inspired by a photograph from the State Library’s Argus newspaper collection of war photographs.

By Mikayla Kelly-Campbell (12D) and Ms Cindy Sullivan (Year 12 English Teacher)