Year 12 OES Coastal Historical Camp

In term 1 the year 12 OES class went on their first experiential learning experience and camp of the year to Torquay and Queenscliff.

The focus of the camp was to look at the history of these areas, from how the unique coastal and marine environments has been formed, the Indigenous Community who lived in the area and how they lived, how did the European Settlers change the environment when they arrived. This was all done by visiting the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Center and the Torquay Historical Society.

They also looked at the culture of Surfing, visiting the Australian National Surfing Museum, to see when surfing became a sort after recreational activity in Torquay, also looking at the technological changes and advancements in the activity. To experience the recreational activity of surfing, students partook in a short surf session as conditions were not favourable and very rough the session was cut short.

On the last day students visited Fort Queenscliff, learning about the history of the fort and why was created. Also learning about the early service life within Australia.

Overall students had a very good experience learning and exploring the coastal environments of Torquay and Queenscliff.