Year 12 OES Mountain Biking Excursion – You Yangs

Term 2 started off at a fast pace for the Year 12 OES class who went off on another experiential learning experience to the You Yangs Regional Park.

The focus of the experience was participating in the adventure activity of Mountain Biking. They also had the focus on how technology of Mountain Bikes has changed overtime and how the use of a commercial organisation could affect their experience doing this activity and the relationship with the environment they are doing it within.

We had two tremendous guides from All Terrain Cycles who provided us with bike hire and extensive experience and knowledge of the area and bike themselves, helping with any issues with the bikes.

The students had good instruction on how to ride bikes with some students having their first experience riding a bike and mountain bike. Before heading out on a 5km ride through the beautiful Mountain Biking trails of the You Yang’s Regional Park. The students all participated well, even with some bike issues. Before heading out on their afternoon ride students looked at how this activity can affect or impact on the environment and how the use of a commercial organisation could help or hinder the experience. When the group headed out of the afternoon ride the students divided into two group with some students who wanted to be challenged more and others that need for of a flow paced experience. Both groups were challenged and came back at the end of the day with great stories of their experiences and fun.

Overall students had a very good experience learning and exploring the You Yang’s Regional Park and woodlands environments of the area, and the weather was great.