On the last week of Term 1, Year 7 students and their mentors packed their bags and made the trip down to Phillip Island for a 3 day camp!

Each day, students put on their wetsuits and had a go learning how to surf! We visited the Koala Conservation Reserve where we all came face to face with koalas and experienced the fresh air with a nature walk. Year 7 students also showed extreme bravery by taking on the clip n climb activities where they completed some indoor rock climbing. During free time, students could take their pick from table tennis, basketball, dodgeball and soccer matches. On the second night, all students visited the Penguin Parade and with front row seats saw penguins stumble onto the beach and waddle into their homes. A highlight for all!

The Year 7 Team want to thank all students for their participation and effort in the activities as well as parents for supporting school events that allow students to make happy and positive school memories!