School Profile

As a College, our overarching goal is that every one of our students achieves their absolute best in all areas of their studies. The academic success of our students is ensured by a rigorous Year 7-12 curriculum and highly skilled, dedicated teachers and support staff.

Our guiding principles are reflected in our College Logo:


Supporting all students to achieve their personal best


Recognising the diverse backgrounds, cultures, talents and aspirations of our students and providing rich learning opportunities for all


Developing the knowledge, skills and personal attributes that will enable our students to lead successful lives beyond school

The guiding principles are also reflected in the three positive behaviour expectations that we hold of every member of our community:




Hume Central Secondary College, located in the City of Hume, serves the Broadmeadows area with a total student enrolment of approximately 1,200 students and growing, Hume Central Secondary College is the outcome of the Broadmeadows Schools Regeneration Project.

The strength of Hume Central Secondary College is our strong commitment as a Learning Community to nurture and develop confident learners who have the knowledge, skills and attributes to shape their futures and contribute positively to society.  Our vision is achieved through the commitment of all members of the College Learning Community.

The College has three state-of-the- art Campuses, two Year 7-9 Junior Campuses located at Blair Street and Dimboola Road and a Year 10-12 Senior Campus.  The Blair Street Campus also includes the Hume Central English Language Centre, a Year 7-10 facility providing for the language learning needs of newly arrived students to Australia.

Each of the three Campuses features an environmentally friendly design with plenty of natural light to ensure optimal learning conditions for our students.  Our focus is on the learner and their learning needs in a safe and secure environment. The new building designs reflect flexible learning spaces enabling different size groupings for students to work in a variety of ways.

The academic success of our students is ensured by a new and updated Year 7-12 curriculum combined with dedicated teachers and support staff to teach and nurture students. Our focus is keeping all students engaged and interested in their education so they stay on to successfully complete Year 12. Our excellent results in VET, VM, VPC and entry to University or TAFE can only happen when our students, parents and teachers work together in partnership.

An important focus of our College is to support our students to learn effectively and to develop positive attitudes and behaviours. We endeavour to provide the kind of environment that will effectively nurture their development and a feeling of belonging or connectedness to school.

All our staff and College Council regard most seriously the trust which parent/carers place in us and are sensitive to the need for regular communication so that we work together as a learning community to prepare students for successful lives in the future.


Hume Central Secondary College has excellent facilities and resources which enable us to provide a modern, safe and comfortable learning environment that is conducive to high achievement. These include:

  • State of the art, self-contained year level learning communities with flexible spaces that can be adapted for different types of learning activities
  • Emphasis on digital technologies to address the needs of our learners in the 21st century
  • Progressive and environmentally sustainable design
  • Safe and supportive learning environment
  • Close to public transport
  • Recording Studio
  • Dance Studio
  • Performing Arts Centre
  • Design Technology Wing
  • Shared facilities at Broadmeadows Leisure Centre

Our new facilities are shaped by the way we teach and have been specifically designed to combine best practice teaching and learning with the most up-to-date building designs. The new building designs create flexible learning spaces that enable us to operate as learning communities. All year levels are broken down into learning communities with approximately fifty students with two to three teachers in each community.

Each learning community is managed by a team leader with the support of a core teaching team that is responsible for the learning within each community. The team leader uses student data to make decisions about how best to group students to maximise each student’s learning and what teaching strategies to use. For example:

Teachers get to know each student in their learning community and spend time monitoring their progress against very clear pre-determined standards. Depending on the level the student is achieving, the teacher then decides how best to support the student to take next steps to reach the next level or how to intervene if the student is not reaching the desired level. Learning spaces and activities are flexible within learning communities and can be adjusted to best meet student needs.

The spaces inside each learning community can be adapted to create large or small spaces so that learning can occur in big groups or so students can work alone. This flexibility enables teachers to collaborate with each other and be innovative in their practices. It also supports more personalised learning for students.