ABCN (Australian Business and Community Network) Program

Hume Central Secondary College has long been partnered with the ABCN (Australian Business and Community Network) which provides a range of mentoring and careers-based programs for students in selected schools.  In Term 3, 10 students selected from Year 10 and 11 completed the Focus program which is designed to develop awareness of leadership skills and the application of these skills in the workplace.  Partnered with Korn Ferry (an international management and consulting company) , students met via Zoom with female executives from diverse business areas within Korn Ferry with the final session at the offices of Korn Ferry on Collings Street in the city.  All students who completed the program reported huge growth in their awareness of their leadership potential and their confidence in applying their skills.


“What I liked about this program was it got me out of my comfort zone a lot and the mentors were insanely kind.

One thing I took away from this experience was that you learn nothing from success but you learn everything from failure.” – Primrose Alaese Year 10

“One thing I enjoyed and liked about this program is having the conversation of failure and what we learn from it, as well as the tour around the office.

One thing I would take away from this program is we can never succeed without failure. ” – Margret Soo Choon Year 10

“I enjoyed hearing so much wisdom and encouragement from the mentors knowing that we can do anything in the future and learning about their past experiences.

One message I took away from this mentoring program is that you can’t succeed without failing because you need to learn from your mistakes and grow from them.” – Kayla Nguyen Year 10

“The best bit of the program was that I was able to interact with successful women who found strategies to cope with their challenges and to receive advice on how to build up the confidence needed when it comes to many normal or hard life situations.

One message that you took away from the program was that I needed to learn from my failures to succeed because without it there will be no learning experience and I won’t have the capability to encourage myself to face difficult challenges.” – Joa Atagamo Year 11