DAV Debating Competition 

Throughout this term, our school’s senior debate teams have participated in 4 debates (2 in each year level – 10 and 11). These competitions have been a huge success, and everyone learnt a lot this term. Everyone’s personal goal has varied, from one person doing their speech for the first ever time, to another debating about a topic they had never heard of before!  Everyone has gained knowledge in so many important areas such as politics, democracy, and our economy. Not only is debating helpful in learning about these aspects of adult life, but it also helps with public speaking skills, listening, and learning how to express your voice as young adults!


Our year 11 team started the debate year a little rough, by losing the first round. However, we picked ourselves up, applied the feedback, and we won the second round! It was a little hard for us at first, to work completely by ourselves, since Ms Sullivan was more focused on supporting the new year 10 debaters, but rest assured we found our way and powered through the speeches! We are so proud of all the progress we have made, and we are all so excited for upcoming debates! 

Muskan Pant on behalf of the Year 11 debate team.


As Term 1 is coming to an end for us here at HCSC, the 2023 Debate and Public Speaking Team is only just getting started. So far, we have kids from Year 10 and 11 entering competitions and any new members are welcome. If you’d like to join, just show up! We meet at lunchtime every Monday in room 2.13.

As a new member myself, debate has carved out the space to meet new people and further develop the friendships that I was forming in this new environment. Debating is a life skill. Together, debating squad members have been able to break down massive topics in today’s politics so that we can better understand these ideas, and express our own opinions more confidently.

Strangely enough, stressing as a group is much more fun than stressing out by yourself! From the excited hugs to the collective panic of completing your part of the speech, ten minutes before we’re meant to go live, the Year 10 team remains UNDEFEATED!!! Of course, this is all thanks to the coaching from Ms Sullivan and the hard work of Rafael, Isaac, Ali and myself. It was totally “the friends we made along the way” that really counts; but winning is still super great 😁

As for the ‘public speaking’ part of the group, big competitions are on the horizon! Our school is actually hosting one in the PAC in week 4 of Term 2, and more information is to come soon.

The future is looking bright for not just us Year 10s, but the hardworking Year 11 team we aspire to learn from as well. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, regardless of skill, experience or confidence. There are many ways you can participate and it’s not always in front of a crowd!

For now, stay tuned!

Sowmya Ghimire on behalf of the Year 10 Debate Team