SmArts – RMIT University

The Smith Family’s SmArts Enrichment program is a fantastic initiative that aims to support students’ engagement with school by increasing their creative skills, self-confidence, and knowledge of post-school options. The program is specifically designed for grade 7-9 students from Dimboola Rd and Blair St, and runs every Wednesday for a month.

The SmArts program is designed to be immersive, supplementary to the school curriculum, and consists of four core components. Firstly, there are hands-on workshops where students complete individual and group works. Secondly, there are site visits to and/or from creative organizations. Thirdly, there are opportunities for students to engage with creative professionals who can assist with post-school plans and further their knowledge. Lastly, there is further information to support students to continue creative activities on their own following the conclusion of the program.

The program is a great opportunity for students to visit Melbourne’s biggest art gallery, the National Gallery of Victoria and Ian Potter Gallery, work with experienced practicing artists, and produce a work that will go on public display in the city. Students attending will be able to invite their families to the opening at RMIT University.

On day one, students met Grace, a lecturer from RMIT, who went through the set tasks for the next month. Students also visited the National Gallery of Victoria and Ian Potter Gallery to understand and find inspiration. On day two, students took photos of the set task, which was to capture the theme or environment. Grace taught the students how to operate RMIT cameras, load onto their computers, and how to use Photoshop. The students are eager to continue next week at RMIT, and we are excited to see what they create next.