Smoothie Bar

On Tuesday 16 May, the Year 11 VAL cohort participated in The Smoothie Bar experience which challenged the students through immersing them into the world of enterprise.
Linked to the PDS area of study, students worked in teams to create a smoothie product and marketing campaign that promotes health and wellness within their community.
Students explored in more depth the value of nutrition, blending a range of flavours and testing their smoothies. Using digital devices, they developed materials to promote and sell their product. Design it. Blend it. Sell it.
The different responses is an indication of the positive impact this incursion had for our students.
Making smoothies was an interesting process, as it turned out much different than we planned in our head. The flavours left us a little speechless which made us even more determined to perfect our signature smoothie.
Leah Pham
It takes more than a dream and an idea to make a business work. You need money, location as well as a team to succeed.
Kage Johnston
You can’t always get it right on your first try when you do new things. A lot of trial and error, personal growth, and resilience to work step by step will help to start a business.
Isaiah Natapu-Siaosi