Work Experience

Our College is thrilled to announce that one of our Year 10 students, Genelika, has been fortunate enough to undertake work experience at the Victoria Police. This is a fantastic opportunity for Genelika to gain valuable insight into the workings of law enforcement and to develop skills that will be beneficial to his future career aspirations.

I was able to complete my work experience at the Fawkner Police Station for one week starting on October 23. As you may know, the sergeants and police officers are always busy, no matter what time of day or hour it is in the week. During the week, I was able to see and learn about the various jobs and assignments that they had, as well as visiting the air wing, dog squad, and mounted branch, which are all a part of the police department. We also got to ride in a police vehicle. Throughout the week, I noted that nearly every cop moved efficiently and worked adequately. Besides that, they provided me with enjoyment or made me laugh, which made me feel comfortable and welcome. The most significant thing I learned during the week was that 80% of the police officers’ job is essentially done inside the station, either reporting something or taking calls, while the other 20% being done outside of the station. Having this opportunity really helped me adjust more to what the police really do during the week.”

– Genelika Maiava 10I