Year 10 Outdoor Education Camp – Queenscliff and the Surf Coast

At the start of Term 4 16 students from the Year 10 Outdoor Education class went on a experiential learning experience to Queenscliff and Torquay on the Surf Coast.

Students partook in an educational program to gather more understanding of the Outdoor Environment and how they interact within it. On day one students travelled to Queenscliff where they meet a Victorian Fisheries Officer, they took the students on a Marine Exploration tour on Port Phillip Bay, this experience got them thinking about the different organisms within the waters of the bay including, fish, seaweed, bugs and other animals such as Seals and Sea Birds. What an amazing experience for the students to see this environment and the interactions within it.

Students then moved on to Torquay where they set up camp and settled into the a new experience of camping, as many had not camped before. Students worked well getting up their tents between 2 or 3 people and working out what they were cooking for dinner. The local wildlife came out at night with possums visiting the camping area, the warning was given do not feed them as they should not eat human food. The night settled and the students got ready for the next day of Surfing.

The morning was busy, although the skies looked threatening with light drizzle at first, the student worked fast and got the campsite packed away quick and efficiently and they were eager to get to surfing. Surfing was held in Torquay, not on the main surf beach as the conditions were too rough, we resorted to the front beach where the surf was perfect for beginners. Students had the blessing of the skies opening, and the warmth and sun shinning down, the water was cold, but the students had a go and got involved with the activity, they had so much fun. Finishing the camp with a warm shower and a Fish and Chip lunch.

Overall, all the students had a great experience learning about this unique environment, as you can see with the photos and seemed to get a lot out of the experience.