Year 11 OES Grampians Camp

The Year 11 Outdoor and Environmental Studies students went on their first experiential learning experience for the semester through a camp to the Grampians National Park in the Northwestern part of the state, 3 hours from Melbourne.

Students had the goal of linking areas learnt in class to the environments of the Grampians National Park, looking at the Characteristic of the environment, and how humans understand the environment they are in, through; recreational activities, scientific analysis, how to manage the land and the view that have been established through Indigenous culture, historical events.

Once arrived, they set up camp at the local caravan park, and for some, this was their first experience camping in a tent, so they were nervous in what to expect. Later in the afternoon we set out to visit the local waterfalls, however the heavens opened instead, with heavy rain stopping our travels to these areas. We went to the local reservoir were we talked about some of those areas mentioned above.

Day two, Students experienced some recreational experiences that the Grampians National Park has to offer who outdoor company, Absolute Outdoors, students divided into two groups half going canoeing and the other abseiling. Canoeing was held at Lake Fyans where the students learnt about the equipment of canoeing and the basic canoe skills, they also learnt about why the lake is so valuable to the local environment and community. Abseiling was held in Halls Gap the gateway to the Grampians, also learning about the equipment, the risks involved and fight their fears of heights and learning new things.

Overall, all the students had a fantastic experience and for some, was the first time doing new things whether it was camping itself, canoeing or even abseiling, as you can see with the photos, they enjoyed themselves and all came back with plenty of stories to tell and of course tired from the experience. Bring on the next camp!