Year 11 OES – You Yangs Excursion

In Term 1 the year 11 OES class went to the You Yangs Regional Park to take a first hand look and the environments and what makes up the unique environments of this area.

During the trip students’ needs to view parts of the environment such as the weather, vegetation and animal life. They also needed to look at the different types of Motivations people could/would have to visit the You Yang’s Regional Park, in this case students were there to gather information and learn about the area, were others may be going to the area to Bushwalk, have a Picnic, Bird watch or partake in other Recreation Activities.

Students also looked at the risk of going into the outdoor environments from environmental risk to activity risks and how it would affect their person responses within the environments.

Overall students went well in discovering new things about the outdoor environment, what motivates them to go into the outdoors and the responses they may have whilst there.