Year 12 OES Edithvale/Seaford Wetlands Excursion 

The Year 12 Outdoor and Environmental Studies students went on their last experiential learning experience for their Outdoor Environmental Studies journey. They have travelled into the Southeastern suburbs of Melbourne to visit the Edithvale/Seaford Wetlands.

Students partook in an educational program looking at the significance of this environment, this sight is an Internationally recognised environment and is Protected under the Ramsar Convention 1971. Students listened to the Education Officer from Melbourne Water at the Educational Building on the wetland, who manages this area, they talk about the ways they help protect this environment, use management strategies and be sustainable, how they fight threats to this environment and fight against climate change, what plants and animals are in desperate need of protection and why this environment is so important. They looked at how humans could be contributing to creating problems to this environment, what goes down the drain and where it goes. Even with the weather not favourable the students got out into the environment to view how they manage it and see some of the management strategies they are doing to protect the environment, they also sore how the wetland is significant to the migratory bird who make the travel from parts of Asia to this wetland.

Overall, all the students had a great experience learning about this unique environment, as you can see with the photos they showed amazing engagement and seemed to get a lot out of the experience.